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As a job seeker, you aspire towards a career that drives your passion, a workplace that allows you to move forward personally and professionally. We value and strengthen your career goals, development, and path.

At Brunel, your success is our success

Your career success is vital to us as we partner with you to achieve your job goals and create a better professional outlook. We offer level-playing job openings and a safe workplace, operating as an engaging partner in your job search. Our focus lies beyond your current experience; we present equal opportunities for you to showcase your versatile, adaptable skills for job consideration.
Our skilled consultants are not only talent seekers but specialists in hiring staff in Engineering, ICT, Industrial, Finance, Government and Logistics.Our local workforce and widespread connections assure we have a perfect understanding of your domain on a global level.Once retained & hired by us, you can expect complete support during your project. We ease your on boarding process, resolving any administrative problems so that you can develop professionally and thrive in your career.

What makes Brunel unique? – Our people:

  • Our recruiters understand your discipline and experience, handling requests as per your expectations.
  • Our experience of employing personnel has not only helped fulfill careers but has also enabled clients to have competent expertise.
  • Whether you are pursuing a temporary or a permanent role, you gain access to varied positions from junior level to executive rank.
  • Receive extended support in resume building, preparing for interviews, documentation, visa processing & insurances, accommodation, as well as in the job pursuit after project completion

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