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Managing large technical projects is a daunting task: the sheer project volume,overseeing hundreds of laborers and their contracts, sifting candidates, planning interviews, and managing a team is complex and costly.
Brunel identifies the demand for cutting-edge skills and delivers skilled talent to help your project flourish. Our approach focuses on custom recruitment solutions to source, select, and employ experienced talent. We remove unnecessary stress related to hiring, local visa & immigration laws, and managerial processes for effective contract placement.
We have a decade’s experience in outsourcing laborers within Oil & Gas, Construction, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and IT/Telecommunications industries within Kuwait and X 40+ years of experience internationally.

Recruitment campaigns

Hiring competent talent demands knowledge of the market. Rather than spending your time in interviews, you can rely on Brunel’s recruitment labor services – finding you candidates with an exact job match. Our bulk-hiring streamlined campaigns offer remote site access along with advertising, to employ industry-best candidates in the defined time. We apply our recruitment and logistics experience to help you steer and promote the candidate’s career.

All-inclusive services

Your interim project is time-bound:you need to achieve the goal while managing a large number of employees. Our contract hire services include: • Sourcing, selection, work permits, and mobilization of personnel • Staff accommodation, travel, visa, insurances & logistics management • Coordinate safety training and provision of PPE for employees • Preparation of time keeping, pay-rolling reports, and more • Arrange demobilization and departure schedules

Local laws knowledge and Market experience

Brunel Kuwait can liaison between the client and employee to provide guidance over local labor laws, compliance, and outsourcing-related methods. We are well-informed and experienced in mobilization, entry/travel permits, and recruitment in Kuwait along with implementing labor contracts in the GCC countries.

Our core expertise

Brunel’s core business lies in assigning highly-skilled experts and multi-disciplined consultants to your project teams. We value your hiring needs and source labor to tackle your project issues successfully. We provide candidates in project services in various disciplines such as contracts management, project planning, and cost control.


Do you prioritize your team’s safety? So do we. Our centralized global management system is based on the in-depth knowledge of local laws and covers all HSE and Quality related issues. As a publicly listed company, we comply with ISO & OHSAS standards and are prepared for every crisis on-site. We offer emergency support even in remote locations and meet the Health, Safety, & Environment principles to safeguard you from injuries,r accidents or environmental damage.

Operational Excellence

You can benefit from over 45 years of our successful business operations. We support, organize, and execute administrative procedures, travel, accommodation and allowances, as well as other related practices to station laborers for your project to run seamlessly.

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